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2014 PMR inconsistent fps


Aug 4, 2012
Swansea, Wales, UK
hi all,
I had a problem last year and forgot to get it checked or sorted.

I have a PMR14 and it has been great, however!

Last year at NvS went to the chrono station and tested myself and my fps was wildly different and all over the place 236/261/302/274/324/257 that kind of all over the place.

Spoke to a Marshall and he said it was happening a lot that weekend.
I may have messed with the dwell/bps and a couple of the other settings.

Is it worth resetting to factory standards and trying again.

Really don't want to be caught by the chrono fuzz this year.

Haven't played in nearly a year so will give it a good clean and lube this weekend.


London E.C.I 2008 retired
Jul 8, 2002
hampshire uk
With that level of incositency I'd most certainly reset to factory and then spend some time looking at the hyper Reg. Make sure you have a brand new good quality battery in there, the bolt is clean moving freely and greased. Most of all if you haven't read the manual, read it. There's some excellent step by step pictorial guides in their manuals.


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Oct 10, 2011
Middle of bloody Nowhere
It's also worth mentioning that the chronos in the pit area of NvS last year were themselves wildly inconsistent. Find someone with a Virtue clock and it'll be more accurate.

With your gun, lube the reg and make sure it's a fresh, high-quality battery