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20th July - Round 4 - NPL at Wakefield


Lady Organ Grinder
Yes ladies and gentle folks.....I love it the NPL event is this weekend at Somo Wakefield...

Good food, good marshalling, excellent atmosphere and just a good paintball experience from start to finish...

The field design is already on facebook for you all to look at.....

I will be running two divisions of 5 man.....so start making those calls and get your team booked into another amazing event.

Expect to see trade stands from BZ Paintball and Envy Paintball.....if you need paint for the weekend then make sure that you get in touch with them now.....

We are all camping on Saturday night if you would like to come and join us.....

Teams booked in so far....

Asylum Loonatics - confirmed

Beast Mode - confirmed

Leeds Voodoo - confirmed

Phoenix 5 - tbc

BZ Army - confirmed

BZ Army 2 - confirmed

Durham DV8 3 - confirmed

Durham DV8 4 - confirmed

Jokers - confirmed

Jokers 2 - confirmed

madtoxic - confirmed

Envyous - tbc

T'Aces - confirmed

Fatbobs Fusion - confirmed

Shell Shocked - tbc

Duck n Cover - tbc

North West Assassins - tbc

So there you have it......just call me on 07849 108 947....to confirm your team and together let's make this another amazing weekend of paintball....

See you all very soon
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