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28 day permitted use (uk) - Your Experiences

Sep 5, 2016
This question is aimed mostly at site owners.

In the UK there is a rule that allows for the use of land (lets say agricultural or woodland) for up to 28 days in one year for "other uses" such as sports or festivals etc without expressly granted planning permission for the change of use and buildings etc.

What are your experiences with this?

I know a lot of sites start up under this and then apply for full planning once they are sure the business is working (or when caught operating over 28 days!)
I am looking at rolling out a new site in this manner, and the council have said this is within the law (but I should apply for full PP ASAP really) But what they seem rather fuzzy on is the status of the structures (base camp sheds, barricades forts etc) that will be left on the site permanently for the purpose of the activities.