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.68 or .43?

.68 or .43

  • .68

    Votes: 8 80.0%
  • .43

    Votes: 2 20.0%

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Jul 6, 2013
This is just out of curiosity but personally i think its a good topic more so for us MF rather than the "Spray and Pray" guys

I have a T15 .68 (obviously) and a APS X50 .43 side arm.

From what i have seen and i am new to MF the .43 doesnt seem to deviate as much as a .68 when using round ball the same as .177 travels further than a .22 air rifle pellet and uses less air (always a good thing)

If markers was made in .68 and .43 which would you chose for accuracy?

Also i would love to see FS in .43 for pistol and sniper use.

What do you guys and gals think?


Feb 10, 2010
Paintballs do not work like air rifles. A smaller projectile actually travels less distance at the same muzzle velocity. The reason a 177 goes further than a 22 is due to a higher muzzle velocity on the smaller projectile. To get anywhere near 68 ranges with 43 you would need to fire well in excess of 350fps.

Also 68 breaks far more reliably at range on soft targets such as players the either 50 or 43 and leaves a significantly larger more visible mark. We aren't airsofters and most don't walk for bounces.

There is a reason 50cal is only prevalent on rental sites in the UK. Smaller projectiles have no benefit to the walkon or event player.
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Active Member
Feb 20, 2015
Espoo, Finland
68 for full size and outdoor play, but I think 50 could make sense for sidearms and maybe short range indoor fields.

But do we really need a bunch of different calibers? Getting 50cal locally is hard enough...

I guess 43 is easier to stuff into something that looks like a real gun, but I personally have no interest in that.

P.S. The smaller projectiles are also a problem for field netting. 50cal has a nasty tendency to go straight through standard netting.


300lb of Chocolate Love
Jul 31, 2007
Harlem, NY
Walther are making a .43 PPQ that's an exact replica in size and weight as their PPQ 9mm.
Pretty cool if you like that kind of thing. Should hit the market this spring/summer.


Jan 13, 2008
.68 doesn't get blown around as much as .43.

A lot of our guys started out using the APS RAM M4s and suffered with range, accuracy and reliability issues with the .43. As stated above these had to shooting at 350+ to even be slightly useful. That was pushing the eye protection back then.

They were soon replaced with A5s at the time. Later ATS AT4s.

I seen the same with side arms with the .43 lacking hitting power and accuracy. I had been shot in the leg and hadn't noticed. Plus seen someone's rounds be pushed off course over what should have been an easy 10 foot shot. Causing a friendly fire hit.

I have on the other hand been shot at close range with a .68 FS and there's no mistaking you've been shot. Thought I had been shot for real for a second! :)

That and my T8.1 is almost as accurate as my primary.

Then the other thing is the logistics it's better to have inter changeable rounds between markers. Only needing to carry one round to feed all markers.