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A New Service Available


Mar 31, 2009
Hi guys,
I have mentioned in previous threads that we were gonna change some of the features our site has to offer, and also to improve the benefits of going over to Platinum membership; I’ll come to the Plat thing later but for the time being, one of the changes we will be making will be to classified advertising whereby we will be offering the service of being able to sticky your post, i.e. to keep your post in people’s faces.
They do this on PBnation quite successfully and it’s a service that’s proved extremely popular with its members.

This is how it goes:- at the moment, when anybody has something to sell, they post it up and then as time goes by, it inexorably slips down the page until ... it finally disappears off of that page [and into practical oblivion].
Our service will offer, for £2.50, your post can stay as a sticky for a week.
that is, it guarantees your sale will be in the front page for 7 days and so greatly improve the chances of a speedy sale.
For Plats, the situation is as follows, for lifetime Plats, the cost will be .99p for the one week period and for yearly Plats, it will be £1.99.

If you wish to use this service then just click on 'Thread Tools' and select 'Sticky Thread'.

Now, nobody is forced to do anything here and if you do not want to make use of this service then no problem, everything stays the same for you but if you do want a quick sale or want to keep your offer in front of people, and you can afford the princely sums just mentioned, then all you gotta do is select the appropriate options.
All Payments will only be accepted via PayPal I’m afraid.
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Official Planet Eclipse Tech
Aug 21, 2007
It may not happen but what happens though if you get a big influx of people adding stickies and it being more than a page full? Is it a case of whoever upgraded last gets to saty at the top until someone else upgrades?