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A5 standard feedneck

wolfman dan

Team Apocalypse
Oct 7, 2008
Hi peeps, I am looking to fit a standard feedneck to my A5 so that I can fit a Rotor to it.
Want to rock it at nvs as it has a full ak47 kit and looks awesome! !!!!
I have a ape board that will run a fairly high rof and the cyclone won't keep up so keep chopping balls and I want my air back!!! :(
Have seen a Rap4 adapter but its like 50 quid!!! is there a cheaper way of doing this mod?

Thanks in advance :)


Active Member
Aug 17, 2013
I had the same issue with my Sierra one. Luckily I had the original feedneck still. It's dead easy to do.
Try BZ or tippmann directly. Should be able to buy the standard feedneck.
You will also need to get one of the small plugs for the cyclone feed pipe hole on the side of the gun.
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