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***All Planet Eclipse Geo/CS1/CS2 Owners please read***

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Planet Eclipse
Mar 4, 2007
Manchester, Stretford
Its very Cold !!

I was at the CPPS on Sunday and fixed 4 markers and I am not even a tech.

All 4 guns where incorrectly set up for winter.

Basically in the cold weather the grease sticks to the body we call this (Stickshon) and sometimes causes the marker to not shoot and make a puff sound almost like the air is not flowing through the marker this is caused by the low power of the battery inside the marker the only battery's that work fine is Paintball Energy and Duracell Ultra both these batteries have a very high Voltage level and supply the solenoid enough power to overcome the (Stickshon) you must also have your SFR set to vertical or 12 O'clock this supplies the bolt with a more powerful shot to again help with the (Stickshon) in the cold weather.

Also be carful when purchasing from EBay in bulk they might say Duracell but are sometimes not in as good of condition as supermarket bought.

You can also change your solenoid to high power (Default Low Power) Please note this does use more battery power
Settings/Hardware/Solenoid Change to HI POWER.

Anything less than a Duracell Ultra including a standard Duracell is not a good enough Voltage for the winter
(Standard Duracell is fine in warm weather) in warm conditions we still do not recommend using anything less than a Duracell this is also the same for AA batteries in the CS1

Below is the full guide line for the winter settings from Planet Eclipse.

Winter Settings.

It is fast approaching that time of year again, not just the time that the big guy in the red suit shows up, but also when players struggle to squeeze the level of performance that they have become accustomed to in the Summer months out of their markers and an array of issues associated with playing in colder conditions begin to appear on the forums and in your in-boxes.

If you are based in an area of the World where it is not currently Winter, then sit tight on the information below as it will come into play sooner or later

Below is a check-list of potential causes that can contribute to the deterioration of a markers performance in Winter. We would welcome you to circulate this information amongst players facing such issues and it might help to alleviate the influx of seasonal support requests:

1. Battery
Public enemy number one in this scenario (and often the last to be blamed) is the humble 9 volt battery pack. You will hear citations of “my battery indicator reads full” and ” I changed it last week” but don’t take this as gospel as the voltage that the battery indicator reads is not the same as the charge that the battery holds. There is also nothing to guarantee that a battery will be good as soon as you unwrap it. We always advise customers to use a reputable brand of ALKALINE battery in their Eclipse marker. Remember; “If in doubt, ask the customer to swap the battery out!

2. Lube
Over-lubing, under-lubing and using the incorrect type of lubricant can all contribute to the demise of your equipment in Winter. At the recent PSP World Cup we experienced several markers through our Technical Support Booth
that clearly showed the incorrect lubricant had been used and caused a variety of related issues including components within the solenoid sticking. Always advise that the owner of the marker refers to their owner’s manual for guidance on where and how to lube their marker correctly, and advocate that Eclipse Oil or Grease is exclusively used accordingly.

3. Dwell Setting
We often encounter users that have tuned their marker for what they consider to be the “optimal” settings and may have reduced their dwell setting considerably from stock to enhance the efficiency of their marker. Whilst enhanced efficiency is all well and good this may well have removed the inbuilt margin of error that we provide with the stock/factory settings for reliable operation and should be checked prior to proceeding further. Raising the dwell even slightly will also aid to alleviate inconsistency issues.

4. Solenoid Flow Restrictors
A recent trend in Eclipse Markers is to facilitate to ability for the user to determine the level of air-flow through the solenoid assembly via single or double Solenoid Flow Restrictors (SFRs). Much like the dwell setting recommendations above, users will often lower their SFR settings (restrict the flow) for smooth shooting markers but once again this could compromise the reliable operation of the marker, especially in Winter weather conditions. Opening up the restrictors to increase the flow will help to combat this.

5. Solenoid Power Settings
Certain Eclipse Markers have the ability to adjust the power going from the circuit board to the solenoid assembly by switching between High and Low power levels. Winter weather conditions generally tend to dictate that the solenoid is more power hungry and as such switching to a high power setting now is a shrewd move as the only downside is marginally lower battery life in a trade for reliable operation.

6. Barrel Bore Size
Paint to barrel match is another factor that needs to be considered, especially when attempting to shoot paintballs that are not of a specific formula to match the season. If in any doubt it is always better to use an over-sized barrel when playing in colder conditions.

We hope that the above information helps you all to assist your customers further over the winter months

Please share this info with your team mates and social media and keep everyone's markers running through the winter.


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