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i love formula 5's
Mar 27, 2006
south east london
So the clearout goes on.
Photos have uploaded a little out of order but you can see what I have. So firstly I have two sterlings up for sale. But only one will be sold. I'm keeping one of them. Looking for £80.00 posted.
Next is a camo splash Sovreign it works and all you need is a bottom line and some hose. Looking for £170.00 posted.
Lastly lots of bits
2 sterling/cocker single screw wood grips
Green £10.00 posted
Camo £10.00 posted
Splash red sterling barrel 12" £10.00
Black sterling barrel 13" SOLD
14" nightstick £20.00
12" j&j stainless barrel £15.00
12" stainless barrel £10.00
12" blue barrel £10.00
I've no idea on the bore size of these barrels.
Viewloader 3000 electronic hopper £20.00
Eclipse olive xl tee in packaging but removed and placed back in packaging. . £20.00
2 exalt barrel maids £5.00 each. ONE SOLD
Rotor 9v kit £10.00
Shocktech beaver tail for cockerSOLD
Chrome on/off Asa £8.00
Empire chrome bottle mount £6.00
Bob long tech mate £8.00
Smart parts freak inserts
2 .679 silver
1 .682 gold SOLD
1 .684 orange
1 .684 purple SOLD
3 .693 1 black 1 gold
1 .695 pink
Paypal owed or add fee's
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