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amputee footage


Active Member
Mar 20, 2016
Since Oct. 2018 i´m in the "Amputee Club", here i got some of my footage:

My 1st leg (Ottobock Kenevo) good for noobs or People who don´t want(Need) much Performance:

my 2nd one, the left one (VeryGoodKnee S(hort...)made in UK). Very light Feeling cause of the hydraulic weight is over knee level, less hammer effect (very low Forces on my short leg).
It´s hard for me to stand comfotable with that knee cause i don´t have a tight fit cause of the lengh of my short leg. (May i get one of them as ... for water ativities)

Final one so far (Ottobock C-Leg 4 made in Austria, Triton foot made in USA, Socket made in Germany). It´s save and comfortable cause the hydraulic is controlled by CPU so it Needs to be charged..

Here to have a look how short it is: