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anybody know


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Aug 6, 2002
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anybody know what all this is all about?

"And I also hear of two mystery figures meeting in London next week to discuss possible directions for European paintball, as to the identity of these two people I am sworn to secrecy, more to the point I only know of one of them for sure and I can maybe guess the other .... the plot thickens, as does the mist surrounding this meeting"

it woz in news section written by tj lambini so is it him meeting up wiv someone or what?

Baca Loco

Ex-Fun Police
TJ Lambini, International Man of Mystery, meets ...

Codename: Dr. Evil, and who could Dr. Evil be? Evil, RPS, PMI, meeting in London--IT'S PIPER!! Lambini is meeting Piper to draw out the blueprint for Euro Paintball's future.

Better than the Da Vinci code and as believable.


Nov 25, 2001
Planet Piper away from you freaks!
Robbo said:
.....you were but we found someone else to serve drinks thanks :)

Robbo is that the Royal WE? If it is then I KNOW who you are meeting................ I will however be late as I am stuck in traffic so don’t start any conversations without me! Our friend will have to wait!