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Anyone going to the Ambush Walk-on on the 18th April?


May 15, 2007
Without wanting to hijack this thread to promote alternative sup-air.

Paintball south has a pretty pumping sup-air community, whilst it's only a half sized field, it is pretty well supported.

Whilst we really do need to be supporting our local sites as much as possible, one thing I have noticed in the past year or so... is just how often you end up seeing the same collection of people all over the country.
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Jul 18, 2001
5 water canisters in the church/chapel. One team dug in around it, other team attacking. Once tagged, the defending team had to move back to the bridge, then back to the fort. One life at each point. Attackers had unlimited lives. 45min game time. Canisters had to be taken from the chapel over the bridge and into the fort.

All in all, a challenging format and the time limit was just right.

Much harder to see all the guys in full camo as the leaves are growing back onto the trees! The guy in full red speedball gear was a bit easier to spot.
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