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Anyone Got a nice autocockers they want to show off???


Deutsches Paintball Museum
Jun 9, 2006
One of, if not Bob Longs first Cocker, modified by Skip Swift.

Back in the early 90's Skip was the #1 WGP Tech and tinkerer that everyone sent their cockers to to get worked on and upgraded.
During the Bob Long Ironmen era Bob Long had all his guns more or less enhanced and teched by Skip.
Thus the name "Swift Line" Autocockers were born.
If your cocker was tuned by him you had that name etched on the body. Most people in the industry waited long periods of time to get their equipment worked on by him. Even the boys from England were hitting him up.

This marker is missing some parts and will be completed in the near future.
The barrel is one of JJs brass prototypes.

"Papa" Stickers are from the previous owner who gifted this marker to the paintballmuseum.
This marker was used by him at the 94 Mayhem Masters. Team Lost Boys Cologne.
Attached a team pic from the masters. Dat Cocker top left.

IMG_2871.JPG IMG_1401kd.jpg IMG_1402kd.jpg IMG_1404kd.jpg swiftlineironmen.jpg Ironmen.jpg
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