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Anyone know tiffyman?


Platinum Member
Oct 27, 2002
Newcastle, UK
If so can they give him a prod for me.

Traded a spanking new clear JT lens with him last week (sent out Monday) he was meant to send me a smoked one back out in trade. My lens went out, the one back from him hasn't turned up.

Tried a few pms' to him with no luck. He has been online during this time but not responded to them. Bit piss*d to be honest as I was going to play this weekend but had no lens for my goggles :(

I understand things happen and people can't always do as they say but a bit of communication doesn't go a miss.

2nd time in 2 trades I've had problems on here as well... never used to have issues selling thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of gear a few years back... sign of the times maybe??!!

Rant over...