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Are we in Danger?


300lb of Chocolate Love
Jul 31, 2007
Harlem, NY
So, yet another serial killer is exposed as a Paintball Enthusiast.
Most of the serial killers/mass-murderers in this decade have been in some way linked to Paintball. Several of them have been dressed in full combat gear while going nuts with assault rifles.

So, the question is - How long before the serial-killers decide it would be super-awesome to stroll onto a big-game in full regalia, and start blowing people away? Statistically there has to be a high chance of this happening, as the majority of your psycho's seem to enjoy the game. How long before they put both their hobbies together? Also, do we reckon any of these psycho's have been posters here? It has to be possible, even probable, that if someone is deep enough to own a derder poster, they are deep enough to ask questions on forums...

Hell, some of the guys on here could be the next serial-murderer. maybe it's Biscuit, or perhaps Bon? How would we know?