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AUCTION: Vintage Jackal Pump Marker. Possible clone of Tracer / Maverick / Mayhem Merlin / Mayhem Thuderbolt / Taso Spartan


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Sep 13, 2007
This belonged to a friend's brother so know nothing of its provenence or vintage I'm afraid. However, the friend is 50 and lives in Kent near Sevenoaks so I suspect that that this was probably in use about 25-30 years ago and may have been purchased in the area.

In the previous thread there was a little interest in the sight so I'm going to offer that as a separate Auction. Sorry I forgot to remove it a photograph it separately.

I'm told that this is a clone of a fairly standard design which has been marketed as a Tracer / Maverick / Mayhem Merlin / Mayhem Thuderbolt. During a little research on the www.baccipaintball.com website I'm came across an almost identical model called a Taso Spartan which was up for $100.

In the other thread @irons69 suggested that this was made for 311 paintball Medway Kent owned by sid spittle UK Preds old school. This would seem quite possible as the previous owner grew up near the Medway area.

I've fully stripped it, cleaned it and lubed it and put it backtogether. Sadly I don't seem to be able to cock the bolt to catch the sear because the powertube pushes back against the spring, even when aired up. I'm afriad that I don't know wnough about these to know why its not working but I'm sure its something obvious.

The auction includes two additional power springs, an empty CO2 cylinder, a couple of other bits and a rather fetching DPM-lined briefcase. THE SIGHT IS NOT INCLUDED.
  • End date and time: 24/07/22 @ 18:15hrs
  • Reserve: £40.00
  • Estimated postage costs: £10.00
  • Minimum bid increment £10.00

Its a simple but clever design that works with both eyes open using a 'super-imposition' effect to place a red-dot reticle in the field of vision. It has an X and a Y axis adjustment.
  • End date and time: 24/07/22 @ 18:30hrs
  • Reserve: £10.00
  • Estimated postage costs: £4.00
  • Minimum bid increment £5.00

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