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Balls Out Promotions presents "Ballin on the Beach" Aug 1st/2nd

Sid Sidgwick

North East Killers-Lethal Bizzle
We are playing hard and playing fair and putting all the effor in. Only way we are going to get better is to play better teams. But i think this would be too soon for the team to enter into. Plus we would need a few more players to join us.
This is going to be something along with the masters that we are going to be aiming for next year.
We have had a excellent year so far and think it would be a brilliant challange for the team next year.

James just speak to some local guys and get down and play it you wont regret it, in fact you will love it so much you won't want to play anything else.


Platinum Member
Jan 15, 2009
Sid i dont think we will be able to make it happen this year but Zero Tolerance will deffinatly be in attendance next year.
At the minute i dont think the team would be able to afford to enter at the minute we dont have a proper paint sponnsor so events are expensive for the team with entry costs and paint it soon racks up and with us already doing 2-3 tounreys a month its getting costly for the lads but they are all willing and doing there best so we can play in them all and progress.

We will be in attendance giving it our best next year tho for the full series.

Balls Out Promotions

Getting close now so we need to know if any other teams are interested in playing this event.

Remember, there will be in excess of 60,000 people per day walking past this exhibition; it has the full backing of Blackpool council and will give your sponsors great exposure!

That said, there is also a weekends worth of partying to look forward to :)


The legend limps on
Nov 18, 2002
Living on the edge, often bouncing on a ledge
OK guys we have 4 spots left that are un reserved......could somebody form the following teams contact me as thy did enquire about the event when we first listed it but they have never confirmed since so just wish to make sure we have not left them off the list.

The Clan
Jersey Warriors

Also those who are on the list if you have not done so can you confirm by PM or email with us payment/deposit arrangements asap please.