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Balls Out Promotions presents "Ballin on the Beach" Aug 1st/2nd


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Nov 18, 2002
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Just to say guys and gals this event is an open invite event. You do not have to wait for an invite from us :)

Its is designed to showcase teams of all levels of talent that play our sport. So if ya interested get in touch before the last few spots go and you miss out on what will be an awesome event from a paintball point of view and from a social one.

You can see by the team list and sponsor list that its growing in size as we get closer.


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May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Would love to do this but we would get our asses handed to us on a plate against them teams and need a couple more players. Maybe next year hopefully!!

Might try get down and watch though
i will be spectating/hanging around if anyone needs a pot bitch or similar :D :D :D
if any team need a player all you have to do is give me a shout im local (ish)
I'm going to be down for the crack! If i could get in a few games with a team that would be awesome - so any teams looking for an extra man, throw an invite my way.


Why don't you boys put a scratch team together? I know we have a couple of extra players too and they'll want as much trigger time as they can get given the fact we are all flying over.
Oct 25, 2007
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How do these prelim matches work then Rich? Is it 2 matches on the 1st and 1 on the 2nd so all teams get to play both days? Or all 3 all on the 1st?

I gave Rich a text and he said all is good, just need to get the entry fee to him and pick a team name, i don't mind doing the organising if people just tell me they want to play. I have given you guys interested a PM about the event, hope to be hearing from you all soon (bearing in mind CUT OFF DAY IS FRIDAY).

Ah, yeah, James25 you were saying you didn't want to get your arse handed to you on a plate, but this event is purely to promote paintball, and ofcourse for a laugh and will be a good weekend either way!!!