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Balls Out Promotions presents the Formula 3 @ the NPC. July 10th


The legend limps on
Nov 18, 2002
Living on the edge, often bouncing on a ledge
Hi guys.

We are delighted to be hosting the Formula 3 format for the first time in the UK in conjunction with the Formula 5 guys.

Those of you who have played the Formula 5 format will already know the ins and outs but we hope with the Formula 3 style to attract a few more teams to try this great new format and with the Formula 3 we think it will make it easier.

More info will be posted up soon but for now we have the date, the venue and the entry fee will be £210 per team. This is based on 6 players per team minimum but you can have more :)

For more info PM or post up or contact us via the usual modes of phone or email.

07977 060 694

John Sosta

Active Member
Jun 14, 2010
Rules are the same for F3 as F5 only differences is 3 men playing and 3 in the pits , slightly smaller field of 50 meters instead of 70meters and 10 mins gametime instead of 15 with only 6 playing this should result in about the same playing time for each person as in F5.

We may in future adjust F3 as we did with F5 it was originaly 7 on the field and 3 in the pits but this resulted in mental gameplay people after 15 mins were shatered and some were puking even lol. So we reduced it to 5 and that worked really well.

We will be conducting some closed tests which may result in changes before it gets set in stone before 2012. But after speaking to Richard we will be keeping it as 3 on 3 waiting until we get feedback from teams and have done some testing .

So please after playing give us feedback and if enough people say the same thing we will adjust , Our plan is to evolve a game where people play some serious ball with focal points and objectives and to enjoy playing too.


MK Storm
Apr 12, 2002
Formula 5 is an awesome format, I've been looking forward to seeing how Formula 3 would work out, good on you for putting it on Rich!

Might have to try to guest at this, though my brother gets married that weekend so will have to see if I'm needed on the Sunday!