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Basic Equipment Needed

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
decent electronic marker you can turn down the rates to match the mech guns
Turning an electro down to 5.5bps is NOT a match for mech guns.

It firmly puts the advantage in having a mech gun.

And from a player who has tons of electros forces me to buy a mech gun...

Older tech is just as competitive as the latest guns out today.

If you buy a gun from 2007 and onward, Planet, Dye, SP and can get a board which provides the correct fire modes, you can compete.

If i was in the OP's shoes, and just got the EMEK id be looking to take it out and see where i land. They may not need the electro just yet.

IF they do need an electro they are very easy to pick up. Some of my latest purchases have been less than £100 and the gun is great - see my post in the GWC thread as to how many ive got this year alone....

Other things to think about are a decent barrel kit - as the EMEK stock barrel is tosh.

A force feed loader - an old halo would be fine

An air tank - personally id go for the carbon 4500 from the off.

And of course the decent goggles

Mr. Suicide

Oct 29, 2004
South Wales
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My dude. The emek is not 2.5x the price... They are £200 brand new £245 if you get them with the pops ASA.

Honestly if you've never used one.. you are missing out, I have an nt too so I'm not uneducated on this.

Every walk on I've played since buying my emek has seen me use that more than any of my electro markers... Which come out as soon as I hit the airball field.

There's just something so much more satisfying about playing in the woods with those eclipse markers, no anodising to scratch... No batteries to change. (One of my regular crew literally hoses his off after game days and dumps it back in the bag).
Granted, my pricing was off! But I still stand by my opinion. An old high end is better value to me, as not everyone sees the value or need in owning a new item.

It's always important for paintball as a sport to encourage consumerism to make sure the cycle of cash and development of new markers happens, but since 2003 I have only owned 2 brand new guns. My first gun, the bone daddy BL, and a sponsorship gun that I paid £400 for!

If you're new to paintball, and working out whether it's for you or not, I would buy second hand, especially as the second hand market is brutal. Markers that were over 1000 new being sold for 150, I know where I prefer to be!

Not poopin on the emek at all, just staying my own opinion. Up to the OP to choose!
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The Dude
Jun 14, 2020
Pelsall, West Mids
At this point in time I won’t be able to get much use of it all. I’m hoping to do the rest of the Walkons and Genesis at Warped + their Christmas Do (4 x Events) but that depends if I can get there.

I don’t really see myself for a while being able to take part in any tournaments or competitions both because of money and time. I’ll have to have another look out there before I make my mind up but at the mo the Emek is looking like a good basic gun.

I’d rather buy my first gun brand new, I’ve got nothing wrong with second hand stuff but I guess with a gun there’s a lot more that can be wrong with it so I want to be careful. I don’t want to get a good deal and then discover I have to spend more to get things fixed on it


Feb 26, 2018
We offer good competitive packages for EMEK and ETHAS....there is also a number of walk on's about to get you going