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Best 4.5k bottle

James Bowling

New Member
Mar 1, 2017
i need to upgrade from my steel tank. But there's quite a few choices of bottles. I have an lv1.1 and I'm confused about output pressures. I would really appreciate it if some of you could help me out with any info or any bottles to have a look at.

I have looked at the fuel bottles and the dye core bottles on just paintball. What are your opinions on those?

And as far as regs go, can you tell me the difference between the ninja pro v2 and slp?

Magic Rat

Swansea Draguns
Nov 21, 2012
Your 1.1 can handle any output pressure, but wil be more efficient on low 450/550.
Last year i purchased a new carbon Dye core in black( 1.2litre 4500 psi, long).
I fitted my Ninja pro reg to it with one shim, I'm very pleased with it.
Bought from JP.
I run it with a Geo 3.5.
Some people say pro v2 regs can have issues with pops valves due to the ball bearing inside them, they work better on low pressure never had one so can't comment.
Not had slp either.
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Well-Known Member
Aug 30, 2004
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An slp is set to 300 psi from factory.
A v2 I believe has a ball that gets depressed when you screw it in to the asa rather than a pin it supposed to help flow I belive.
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