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Best kick-ass moments....?


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Jan 20, 2004
1 vs 1 i'm out of paint he goes to mug me so i dry fire my gun and he stumbles out of bounds. then run up the field while wiping the a hit off and press the buzzer .....


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Dec 16, 2014
It probably wasn't kick ass to you giant guys, but I once managed to get an angle on another player who was firing down range and didn't see me.

Sending out a guy who had the most spiffy and expensive gun I've ever seen with my crappy site marker was pretty kick-ass.
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Mmmmm. Fattening...
Mar 12, 2013
South Wales UK
At NPF in brum.

I can't remember which field, but I managed to find the BEST DITCH ON EARTH. So I crawled right to the other end without being spotted. I then proceeded to annihilate the whole team of roughly 11 within seconds and then get taken out by my own advancing team who then walked to the other end.

I will never forget how good it felt getting a drop on everyone like that!

Niall Burgess

Feb 21, 2014
I remember we were playing a 5v5 at CPPS, this was my first season and one of my first games. There were 3 of my team left, 2 of them down the dorito/teabag side of the field. They couldn't move up because three guys were pinning them down, the 3 opponents left didn't realise i was there at all, so i snook up the snake like a marine. Ran behind them all and peppered them all, felt like such a bad ass it was unreal!!! it went like "snake 1, snake 1" " snake 1 is a G, snake 1 is a G" and its just repeated itself best game ive ever had haha.


Pillage and Plunder
Jun 14, 2011
Bognor Regis
Super5ives game, manged to make the 50 M off the break, all the opposing team had a body part (leg / elbow) sticking out from the bunkers they were in, moved up slowly and picked all 5 of them off and walked up to the buzzer with my team still shooting at no one as they didn't realize they were all out, best game of sup-air ive ever had. :D

Canon Fodder

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Oct 28, 2008
Kept on playing in a 10 man HCL game in 1993 after my leg fell off

Still managed to shoot one of the opposing team out while I was crawling

How far does your leg have to be from you before its not considered "players equipment" for the purposes of an elimination @Gee Tee ?
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May 22, 2015
Not so much kick ass but the reverse

It's 1988 and I'm a marshal at a small but very funny site. The weather had been incredibly hot for a while and wearing heavy camo was just a nono. Now, if you were around at this time, shell suits were fashionable, honestly they were! so lightweight t shirts with a vented marshal jacket and unlined shell suit trakkie bottoms worked a treat.

Shout goes up.."MARSHALLLL I think I've been hit", I was trim then so got there quite quick. He's behind a straw bale with paint all over his goggles (how he confused that with might be was beyond me) So I'm leaning over this straw bale..(tip to new marshalls, never stand between two sides in line with their fire)..leaning over this straw bale, called the player hit and at that exact second I felt like Elton John on his first date!

An opposition player hadn't seen my marshall vest as I was bending over so took a shot..it hit me bang on dead centre on the poo ring ...but as he was so close it nearly split the seam on the shell suit bottoms. I went down like a sack of spuds, honestly I felt it had punctured my pancreas because it had gone up so far.

Writhing in agony in the floor, the other marshalls stopped the game, came over and then proceeded to laugh so hard I'm sure some had rectal collapse. Luckily it was a nhs day out with a few docs in and once all the players were safely out of the way a doc had a look.

He said in a fake American accent..."what we seem to have here, is a very curious case of the dissapearing paintball". As it turned out , the shell suit bottoms were a loose fit and as the ball hit the poo ring it carried on a bit and took the shell suit bottoms in with it, both giving me a rectal exam. He slowy pulled at the gathers and folds of the shellies and suddenly I had a "pop" momment and the shellie and still complete paintball came out. Much to my colleagues delight, thank god mobiles weren't much around

For weeks I walked like John Wayne and learnt a valuable lesson...don't buy bullseye paint..it's an omen

So as I said, not so much arse kicking moment but more having my arse kicked
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