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Best UK player of all time


Shelley Farmer
Oct 22, 2003
I know Shelly put my name down (thanks Shelly X X) But again i Think i was a good player, but only a steady player, nothing else.
Dont kid yourself Twizz, I am a forward player and you over took me on the field back in Paris 04 (NPS Europe - remember) - you got shot :p but you definately did a run through;)


My choice's would be Mark Friend is the best that i played with for NWC. He was so calm under pressure. Mick Costello would run him as close second. He was compleatly different to mark, so aggressive that you just had to back him up as he mowed down the opposition with what seemed like a force field deflecting in coming paintballs

Phil Ham was the best i played against. I can only remember shooting him out once and that was when he followed a dead pred player off the field and i suspected he was doing the walk;) when he turned round as he got to the tape, me and marky friend let him have it just in case.Only then did his arm band come off.:D