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Big kit clearout


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Sep 11, 2016
Big kit clearout, prices are all in, open to offers and deals on multiple items! Any questions please ask!

Sandana windbreaker jacket Medium - SOLD

Sandana t shirt Medium - SOLD

Sandana shorts Medium - SOLD

HK Army San Diego Aftermath joggers Medium - SOLD

HK Army Skull joggers Medium - SOLD

Black Renegade Jersey (Was large but tailored to a medium fit) - SOLD

Zebra profilers with smoke lens, has wear but still good condition (comes with new peak) - SOLD

JT proflex 2.0 with clear lens, has wear but still good condition - SOLD

JT red strap - SOLD

JT soft ears (with screws) - SOLD

CS2 infamous deuce trigger - £25

Sandana brown FS 10oz 3 piece - SOLD

Sandana red FS 7oz - £250

Sandana Archie snake stripe (used) - SOLD

Sandana Archie snake stripe (BNIP) - SOLD

Sandana Trunk headwrap with Blue tag - SOLD

Emek - 3D printed TWSTR body kit, 3D printed BPS eye covers, 3D printed tool-less back cap, inception fang trigger black, deadlywind hair45 valve, pops Asa (and all original parts) - SOLD WITHOUT TRIGGER AND 3D PRINTED PARTS (Body kit avalaible for £100)

Also open to trades for Sandana’s or PE markers!E38588F8-9FC1-443A-882F-F846DC6A10BB.jpeg01482335-89DB-4A3E-B4FE-09F59D0A4A85.jpeg5B628021-E163-45B6-B926-E2C61BFF1785.jpeg3461EBFB-9198-43BF-BB31-5477F3DDA480.jpeg60EE0DBE-D34F-4F35-8AF2-BF3261C8479F.jpegF9666EAA-1ADA-44F1-84FE-7FFD012975AB.jpeg35C70137-3514-4B3E-831F-F331971AE264.jpeg766E2FC8-7212-4FD0-AD99-C22DBEA498D2.jpegF5FE79C8-8615-4AD3-A45C-1184BDB71323.jpeg7A8C0694-49F4-4000-B185-B847A6F47FD2.jpegCA7C7D6E-5EDD-4B4A-8AB3-1B2F046C62C9.jpeg7202B078-7CA7-4D5D-AC68-C7C8F676A4C9.jpeg6FD12C33-0CA0-40A5-AB82-BA7895709D7B.jpegB63F6422-C5A5-40A3-9B52-CC8EE48CC681.jpeg5B74965D-AB9E-47B7-87EC-E4FC70A6589F.jpeg901E2804-E5CA-49F1-ABBB-F6B6673C1782.jpegE97E4CA6-5D58-4D7B-A1A1-FA5A72C0CA98.jpeg4B6C063D-3147-49A0-9F85-3DFF0D4229E2.jpeg3B10B2A8-9678-4688-B579-4A5DDE94AA67.jpeg16008303-68B9-45E7-B4D1-A5F18F23B136.jpeg96825D8E-10BA-4D16-B3C4-3E63103EBD39.jpegB2C0B040-FE0C-4D91-893D-D89314BCB598.jpeg8DF9092A-FE9A-4A21-ABE5-F94265B595F2.jpeg6126366C-62DC-41B2-A61E-D7E22905686A.jpeg11C23031-78D2-4D1D-AA53-63AE9500267E.jpeg51E8C932-E15D-4544-9FE1-AE26D32A28E9.jpeg07929CA1-48EB-47CA-8CC4-08D940D4F260.jpeg2269F412-CC2D-4815-ADAD-3D05C15E7AD5.jpeg2FF085A9-CAFD-4A3A-8A20-4088E5AD6285.jpeg00BA2885-D98C-48BB-A2D6-F955415E8CC5.jpeg
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