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Big Thanks :)


Jan 13, 2005
Well what a day, thank you to Storm for letting me and the Weaver clan join them today, it was the most fun I have had in a long time, I must admit it was like the old days, Bolter you the man, you had my back and I had yours :) crossed up in the middle with umm I think it was Gary sorry if that name is wrong (Marshal from Paintball Extreme) top fella, we took the field and was playing great as a team, even though we never met before, all you guys made us feel very welcome.

Marshals I am sorry I did not say good bye to you all, my little one wanted to go :(, but a big thank you to you all, it was a dame hot day today and you did a really grand job, oh Sosta hope the welts go down mate, it was not me that shot you, I don’t think, even though I was just told you did play a game and was gunning for me ha ha.

Well done to all the teams, and Storm Gorillas, you guys rock, you have come so far since the last time I see you all play, it was great to see a team that started from scratch and be where you are now, cracking last game against us, made us work all the way for the game, well done.

I am going to go and put ice pack on me knee know and try and get it to go down before my booking tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone that was there.


Andrew M

Jun 26, 2011
Thanks to everyone, Team, Marshalls, Staff and everyone who played! Great day for my first Formula 5 experience :) Any idea when pictures of the event will be up?

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Old and broken
Jun 3, 2010
My thanks go to john and jackie sosta for putting on the event for us all.
It was my best day's paintball yesterday since i first played the F5's last may after a ten year break from the game.
Also credit to Donk and Gimp for shaping us in to the team we are now!
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UK Redskins
May 6, 2004
Essex, UK
My thanks also go out to John & Jackie Sosta for again letting us ruin their front garden !!!!!!:(

Each event just gets better and better, I had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

John, a Big thanks for carrying on with this and a Big Thanks to Kee and Empire for the Lovely Empire Axe and all our other lovely Empire equipment.

Big Thanks to the other teams today, there were some good battles out there and now cant wait till the next event.

Finally a Big shout goes out to our team - The Redskins, we have a few new guys and now have a total squad of 15 and 13 turned up !! :eek:. Well Done to us and long may it continue.

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Sep 1, 2009
stratford london
Great day evan though i nearly managed to pass out a couple of times due to the heat and lack of oxygen, or maybe i'm just not that fit any more:D
Refs done a grand job and thanks to John and Jackie and any one involved in helping put on a brilliant days ballin
Hope to see more of the regular teams back and hopefully some new ones for the next round

Thank you, roll on the 24th july
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