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Biggest influence in your life

Jun 11, 2008
Following on from Pete in SYB, who has had a major influence on your life and why?

You must have met them and must have spoken to them. You can have more than one

Buddha 3

Hamfist McPunchalot
There are a few. First and most obvious would be my father, who passed away in 2007 at the far too young age of 56. Even though he wasn't a big strong guy, just avarage of build, he was a true man. If I turn out to be only half the man he was, I will have succeeded in life.

Then there is Chuck D of Public Enemy. One of the things he said is "if I can't change the people around me, I change the people around me.'' That has always stuck with me as a good philosophy to live by. To me it means that if I can't positively contribute to those around me, I should surround myself with other people.

And that also brings me directly to my friends. Since I apply the above to them, it also means that my friends contribute positively to my life. It works both ways.

And my two daughters have influenced my life tremendously. Not by what they say or do directly, but because they have given me so much perspective.
Jun 11, 2008
Without doubt my dad who also died very young at 60. He taught me that if you don't know how to do something - learn. He could turn his hand to anything and would help anybody.

Another man I admired was Jimmy Airlie who was a trade union leader. He would fight for the working man but was pragmatic enough to know when he couldn't win a fight. I met him on many occasions and he was a real gent. He was a great public speaker and used humour to get his message over. He once said about speeches 'We all have to die but we don't have to be bored to death'.
Feb 27, 2014
definetely my mom she has taught me so much and i have watched her go through so much hardship and cancer.

she is the best person i have ever met

Kevin Winter

Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2008
Obviously my parents! But in addtion, my old scout leader, who taught me to respect others, approach life with confidence and seek out new experiences. A proper old school gent and man's man.
My old History teacher, who took me on a trip to Auswitzch (and my grandfather, whose wartime experiences as a medic in the liberation of Belsen inspired my interest.) The experience had a VERY profound effect on me and my philosophy of life. Walking into the exhibition to be confronted by this cabinet of human hair is an indescribable experience: everyone should visit...



Dec 21, 2013
My Gran. She died in 2010 from breast cancer but fought it to the very end in the only way she knew how. She was a very proud woman who was proud of what she'd achieved and who she was. Never was she afraid of being the centre of attention. When she was diagnosed [which was months after the death of her husband of 45 years], no one outside of family was told about it due to her pride. Those that weren't family, but were still close, were shocked at her death because they had no clue. She didn't let her pride slip even to her final day.

I come from a very 'Cornish family'. Everyone was either a farmer, a butcher of a mix of both. My Gran came from a normal background with no knowledge of farming. She moved down from Gloucestershire to be with my Grandad and she got stuck right in to the farming life. I put the success of the farm down to her and her way of thinking. She was always the first person I went to for advice, as I knew it could be trusted.
Aside from her would also be my son, he completely changed me and my way of thinking. Everything went from being about me to then being about him and I don't have a single regret about that. The little man can make me smile when I feel like crap just by giving me a little grin.

A quote I always remember from my Gran is; "Enough is as good as a feast" which I have always carried through with me.
Too many people spend years of their life in the reach for excess, but miss out on the important things along the way.

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I like potatoes
Jan 3, 2013
Mark cavendish.

I have met and cycled with him.. He was a very decent guy, and i was going through some troubled times.. But he said to me;

"In life there are hills and trenches that you must inhabit. When in the trenches remember that one day you will have the high ground were the happiness lies"
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