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Bitburg Layout released


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Nov 4, 2009
Glasgow, Scotland
I've found this field reasonably fun. The doritos are quite hard to make off the break and the corner has been not much use (surprise surprise). With some clever routes the middle can could be used both as a primary and strong secondary move. Snake corner is a very strong defensive bunker with the ability to wrap on most back bunkers on that side, and even provides a pretty safe route to the snake if needed. in the end the doritos do the most damage once you eventually get out there. but most fast plays will come from the centre I reckon.

Oh and any tiny back players will love the cake, got some good lanes through the centre and out wide.
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Kevin Winter

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Dec 10, 2008
Defo - lovely lane on the Doritos especially, and a good one on snake corner. You can get a few balls through the M in case anyone tries the center as well, then switch. Three or four good secondary bunkers a short bump away as well.