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Bob Long

red dragon

red dragon
Mar 18, 2008
In an interesting move, Bob Long just released a new engine for the Insight, Phase and Victus. All three guns take the same engine. Odd how they are releasing a new engine for a gun that has been out about three years. You think they would be focusing on current models, but hey what do I know…..

The new Reflex is an update that is almost turning the Insight platform guns into an Onslaught. The Reflex engine takes the rear spring and brass shut off from the Onslaught engine. The new engine should help reduce bolt stick, has a lower operating pressure and should be more consistent over the radar.

The version that is pictured is a limited edition (12 total) Reflex engine with a stainless steel back-cap. The standard Reflex engine will come with an aluminum back-cap and should retail around $120. The limited Reflex engine has already sold out at the price of $150.



Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
Thanks for the info Fella, I for one hold my hands up to Bob Long and have several of his guns, Love em !!! I didn`t know of this New bolt so Thanks again !!
>> Bluey