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Brad McCurley from infamous to run clinic at F5 Venue 29th june.

John Sosta

Active Member
Jun 14, 2010
Awesome News!!! Infamous Clinic 29th June 2014!!

After the success of last years clinic, it has been decided to postpone the F5 that was on 15th june so that we can hold a clinic again this year .
The day will go down like this: AM - clinic with Brad McCurley

And in the Afternoon, a mini F5 tourney where you can play alongside and against Brad to practice your newly learned skills!

The cost for this is £60 per person with a £30 deposit to be paid to reserve a spot as only 50 spots will be available. (this price includes one box of paint, an further paint will be available to purchase on site)

To Book a spot call John On 0772 5560000
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UK Redskins
May 6, 2004
Essex, UK
Gutted, absolutely Gutted !!! (n)

Loved this last year and was looking forward to attending another but unfortunately cannot attend as have other things already in place for that weekend.

Everyone should try this, Brad is a Very Friendly Guy and has so much to offer. (y)