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Bursting Macro Hose...


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Feb 20, 2015
Espoo, Finland
The old 4mm microlines were a constant source of problems, but I've never seen a 6mm line burst.

Though if it really is original parts, it's well over 10 years old by now. Getting a fresh line might be in order.

You could also test with stealing the line from the NT (if it's not long enough leave the ASA hanging loose). If that works, the problem was the old line. If that bursts too, you have a problem with your bottle reg.


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Aug 1, 2003
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I agree, but I`m looking at options ?? I must say though, in the years I`ve been playing and with the amount of guns I`ve had, and I`ve had a Lot more than most, I`ve NEVER had a Macro line split.
Neither have i, and when you consider how hard it is to cut the stuff it's hard to imagine it ever bursting, though when i first started and knew no better i used industrial air line instead of macro on my A5 and of course that burst, which was the reason for questions, thinking he may have just bought it and the previous owner hadn't used the proper stuff.