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Buying first gun!

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
An Etha is good value if you can get one around £80 - there are a few knocking around, and if you are not concerned with entering the paintball arms race they do just fine.

That said, as @James ECI says an Etha 2 is far superior, and those go around the £200 mark, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how much it has been used.

A CS1 is probably the best marker you can get for around £300, but ideally you need to have a tank with a low pressure reg to use with it.

There are a number of guns that will do the job very well in the £100 -£200 bracket. An Empire Axe can be bought for around £120 or less, and is a solid marker. Older Egos and Geos are in the £120 - £200 range, but a lot of it is down to personal preference.

If you just want to play mech, then the only gun you should buy is an EMEK.

Try a couple of different guns before you buy at, say, a store or a walkon.

Good luck!
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