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Calling all student ballers!

KU Jim

Sep 28, 2009
Keele, Staffs.
Having sat and watched a number of university tournaments crash and burn over the years (due in large part to a lack of organisation of the teams involved). I've set up a group in the attempt to see how many of us there actually are.

Most of the attempts to get the student ballers together have previously been under the pretext of tournaments and it occurs to me that there may not actually be enough of us or enough will to get a full tourney going but that it was better to know one way or the other. I should stress to those who are not interested in tourneys or have become tired of the whole cycle of hope and failure that this is not about setting up competitions and is simply an attempt to gauge numbers and get people talking.

To that end I'm asking anyone who is currently uni, is looking to be in the future, or simply knows anyone who is interested in university paintball to go to this link, join up and leave a message telling us about your situation.


Also, to the mods, I didn't know where to put this post so if any of you can think of a better place for it please feel free to re-locate it.