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Cheap paintballing near London for a small group?


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Feb 27, 2017
Hi all. I haven't been paintballing for years and previously it has been outside of London. I'm organising a work social for a group of about 12 of us and want to do a half day/day paintballing experience. All the places I can find in London are really expensive so just wondering if anyone knows a reasonably priced place that would be suitable. We're all beginners and just looking for a place where they provide all the equipment (masks, guns, balls, gas, overalls etc).

Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you very much


Nov 27, 2006
All sites are pretty much on a par for pricing, ignore the fact that some advertising says that you get overalls, goggles, gun and air hire for 'free' because you get it for 'free' as part of the package anyway - you can't play without them.

The worst and most expensive is the starting price with 100 paintballs as you then need to buy them as you go along
The best way is to prebook a package, e.g. Half day with everything plus 600 paintballs for about £35 per head


Generally ignore 'upgrades', if it's a hot sweaty day then a better lens will help, but you can deal with a normal lens if you use a bit of antifog and don't block your airflow with big neck scarves and hoods. A 'machine gun' upgrade gives you something that looks more like a gun, but is pretty much the same as the standard gun. The difference is the player thinks they have something better, and that less people have used and abused it in the past. (The extra cost of the 'better' gun is pretty much due to it taking more maintenance effort and staff time than 'standard' rental guns)

I can recommend bricket wood as linked above. Look at their website then give them a ring and chat about what you are after from the day

See also the 'what paintball costs' thread for general information


I'm a country member!
You don't say what part of London, but here are some suggestions, all are on the outskirts, as you can imagine there is a lack of suitable land in the capital and indoor sites are prohibitively expensive to run.

https://www.gopaintball.co.uk/ South London

http://campaign-paintball.com/ SW/West London

http://www.bricketwoodpaintball.co.uk/ North/NW London

http://www.mayhem-paintball.co.uk/paintballing-london North/East London

As @Tom states above, all the prices are pretty similar, the best deals on paint are usually by the case of 2,000 balls, definitely worth clubbing together for a case or two if there are a few of you as you'll probably use in the region of 500 balls each, paintball is not a test of your shooting skills and you won't win the games with a handfull of balls each.

Whatever you do, have fun and come back here with your feedback.
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Jul 31, 2007
Harlem, NY
Do you want a great experience for your friends, and to be thanked for showing them a stellar time, or is the experience not important and the main thing is to save a few quid?
It's a trade-off. Gypsy fair or Alton Towers.
I can recommend places depending on your answer.


I'm a country member!
Thanks for everyone's help. All sorted now. I ended up going with gopaintball.co.uk. Seems to be a really well run site.
Thanks for everyone's help. All sorted now. I ended up going with gopaintball.co.uk. Seems to be a really well run site.
Good choice Tommy Gun is probably one of the most professional site operators in the UK, not sure what @Missy-Q has up her sleeve, it's probably sordid though ;)