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Classifieds Update - Important Information


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Good idea on the 10 post's, is there any other way of showing that your legit from another forum member, it would make it difficult for new paintballing players to buy something urgently if they only come on every once in a while. i only started on the site thursday night and made 3 successful purchases from BDswarveP . maybe if people could be on a voting system for to show legit as well from paintballers on here they know

cheers and keep up the good work

We also have the feedback system for platinum members. Another reason to pay for plat, you are more credible ;)

Gaz #68

Warped #68
May 14, 2010
Just my thoughts on this. Like the PayPal idea to verify and as someone else said another reason to go platinum. The 10 posts is ok but can be quickly got round. I know the point is you hope to spot spam before this occurs but this would suggest this is a TIME issue. As such, how about a new account cannot use the classifieds for either 24 or 48 hours. This would have stopped the recent incident of idiotic posts. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favour of you tightening things up as this helps the members but just thought this might help :)

Ninja dave

May 15, 2013
We will have a "fast track" or "verified" service available in the future, basically you throw a couple of quid at us via Paypal, so we have your contact details and address on record, and will then let you have the access as normal.

Good idea and platinum also good.


Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
May 18, 2013
Kingswood, Bristol
My personal feedback on this...
I am a new member and new to the sport. I have been watching the classifieds forum and have bought two items from one member this weekend. I just went to buy another today and this new rule has prevented me doing so. Sales are first come first served so by the time I make 10 posts I may loose the sale... I think that new member verification should be simple and effective (by other means). Just my 2p


Mar 22, 2013
excellent idea. Great work mods.

Would it be a good idea to have a combination restriction

firstly the 10 post rule

second a 48 hour ban on classifieds.

This would make it extremely difficult to create an account, spam 10-20 posts, and purchase.

Unfortunately with the simple 10 post system I can see some people getting through the net so to speak. If your in a hurry replying to 20 members asking about items, which can happen on the more popular threads, then you may miss that one person only has 11 or so posts.

Just an idea already touched upon by P8ballfreak666 that I also had. It's already used by other forums (such as RC ones i previously used) and works a treat.


Aug 19, 2003
i currently have about 14 posts in the classified but no where else on the forum, however my old username "urbangreg" has been on here since 2008 but i have forgotton the passwords to the username and the email address that was used. is there anyway of just being able to get my old username back with all my feedback already on it as i had 100% feedback.
Just request a password reminder? Let us know either way and we will delete this account (or that one) as you arent allowed more than one.