Clint Moore Clinic

Kevin Winter

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Dec 10, 2008
Having just had the pleasure of a whole day with Clint, I'd thought I'd post up here.

My team (Cardinals) booked him for a full day this weekend. 11 of us made it out, and spent seven hours or so being put through our paces by Clint. We went through first shot accuracy, snapping, running and gunning, using the bunker properly, snapping, some one on ones and then a few quick games. Everyone came away much improved on their performance on the day, and raring for our next event! The clinic could not have been better IMHO - the techniques were solid, and gave us all something to work from and improve, and Clint was professional, friendly and incredibly helpful.

Anyone looking to improve their game could do worse than book him up...


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Mar 22, 2011
Kevin is correct. Clint did the clinic for 10 players. Working out at £20 per person, for a full day's worth of coaching 9am-4pm.