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Mar 1, 2002
This is a personal thank you to Clint for all his help and guidance this year so far with DV8, at the end of last season after a few what can only be described as disappointing seasons in Europe we had a major reorganisation of the team, bringing in some new players removing some of the old and creating two additional squads. We also swapped the teams sponsors and signed up with Clint Moore for the season, using his "Art of winning" Clinics as the basis for our training.

Our first training session was a complete culture shock for the majority of players, taken over two days with a heavy emphasis on core Drills, with penalties included for failure to carry out the drills correctly or missing targets, I'm sure at one point the whole team where running laps or squatting and lunging, by the end of day one everybody ached but you could see a small increase in the skill level. Day two was similar with more laps I still remember not being able to walk with out pain for two to three days later, but having a better idea of the level we need to reach if we wanted to progress as a team or even have a chance of reaching the upper levels of competitive paintball.

The first leg of the Millennium series out in St Tropez followed soon after with our Div 2 squad making there first Sunday Club ever, was it down to our training or just luck of the draw?

With a renewed vigour and following St Tropez, the teams were again training for another two days following the strict regime we have taken from Clint, more laps, lunges and squats followed and more pain in the days after proving that the players had put the effort in, in preparation for the second Millennium series in Bitburg, Germany.

Im not going to give a run down of the event in Germany from our prospective, but just to say we won Division 2, with most of our games after the preliminary rounds going to over time and the team having to grind out the wins, the mental strength and all the pain we had gained from the clinics and training were what helped us over the line.

Our Division 3 team also placed 14th out of 46 teams reaching there very first Sunday Club considering they have only been together since the start of the year that is some achievement in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

Does training really work? for us yes with out a shadow of a doubt, Clint's " Art of winning" training clinics have been one of the major differences in how we as a team now train and approach the game of paintball, the proof is in the pudding as they say, winning a Millennium event is no easy feat and to do it at our second event this year shows what a difference it can make.

So take your game to the next level and take the clinic and to quote one of the greatest sportsmen of all time

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion"

Muhammed ali
Never a truer word spoken.

with thanks to Clint Moore
The art of winning

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