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Collective opinions on which mask and why


The Man With The Golden Gun
Jan 3, 2013
A quick summary of the three masks I've used most often from an old thread:

Well I wear e-Vents, my brother wears i3's and my dad wears Save Phace. I've played in all three and taken many a shot to the head in all of them and can say that if you're looking for more protection for your ears you won't go wrong with any of them.

Mask choice is all down to what fits you best though so what I'll say is that the e-Vents are by far the most confortable all round IMO, however they do tend to fog up slightly if you breathe heavily through your mouth for long periods.

The i3's are also pretty comfy to wear, but they're quite bulky around your jaw I find which I don't really like. The other thing of course is that the lenses are a nightmare to change out.

If you've been wearing i4's then you should get on well with the Save Phace masks. They're very tight fitting masks and they sit very close to your face. However unlike the i4's you have full forehead and ear protection and unlike most other masks they're made from hard plastic so you really feel protected when you wear them. Also they look badass :D

Henry S

Jun 5, 2014
East Yorkshire
Hi, I'm relatively new to paintballing, and was wondering what is a decent starting mask for woods paintball?
I like the look of the Dye i4's, due to the great visibility and lightweight design.


I Like Sporks
Jun 10, 2007
Both masks are great in my opinion, depends on what feels best to you, I went for the grillz - main attraction for me was the ease of getting the lens out to clean.