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Coloured Grips.


Feb 19, 2018
Hi all.

I am pondering something with regards to how I want my marker to look eventually. So as part of this I had a quick look for certain bits to make sure it would be possible and if those bits didn't exist over the counter then I would need a way to solve the problem.

So I have I believe sorted all other bits of the situation out in my head except 1. The rubber grips only seem to exist in one colour. Now I have 3 courses of action

1. Buy an over the counter grips in the desired colour ( does exist for the axe that i can see in any colour except black)
2. Get a spare grip and then find someway to dye it to the desired colour (not sure how easy that will be with it starting black)
3. Buy a spare grip and then make a mold from it, take out the plastic parts and then overmould them myself in a silicon rubber of the right colour.

So I ask you all. Anyone any ideas, has anyone made a custom grip for their marker at all?
for reference I am looking at an axe pro and would want a pink rubber grip.