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Contract Killer "Merc" CVO (With Freak XL Kit)


Rockin VIP Cocker, So-Manc E1, LV1
Apr 19, 2014
Near Stockport
Selling my CK CVO "Merc", I imported this direct from CK and enjoyed the fun that is customs!

Comes with a Freak XL kit as well.

Not in the pic's is the shocker barrel sock, will include that once found (never used)

As far as I am aware, the only CK Merc in the UK!

£625 posted to UK, I am in Stockport so if you want to collect and pay cash, I really don't mind!

(Due to breaking my ankle in two places wont be playing for a while, so you wont be finding me at CPPS, NPF etc)