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CPPS 2013 Round 1 reviews


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Jun 2, 2012
Was really good to play the CPPS round 1, for me personally after 11 years away from the game, The venue was perfect, a real big event feel. Fields were well laid out, Marshalls were very good all were keen and polite. The games were fast, always seemed to be for me anyway, and the level of play, hard and fair, to a surprisingly high level, we played div 5. To all the teams we played thanks especially the guy who ran me down, congrats to Apoc X for winning the div. Felt right at home amongst the Marauders and the Chameleons felt like old times, any link to the teams we played in the 90's?
Ainsley and Dylan deserve all the plaudits they get, for having the balls to back their beleif, the event will go front strength to Strength, and has set the benchmark for all others to follow, a major international event would not be out of place here.

Blakey. Sad UK
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Karl M

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Aug 28, 2012
blakey64 .... Apoc Storm won the div ;) but was definitely a great day's play and the atmosphere within the event made it even more special!

Can't wait for round 2 and hopefully contending for the podium again!


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Jan 20, 2002
Leamington Spa
Any idea who the photographer on the Eclipse field was all day? He had a box on a tri-pod. I've got my Gopro ref cam footage to send to him.