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CPPS 2014 Dates


G A N G (RIP Topcats)
Apr 27, 2008
Hope you don't mind me putting this up here @Ainsley, just in case anyone has missed it on facebook!

Taken directly from the CPPS facebook page:

Our Dates for 2014:

Round 1: 22/23rd March (Student Cup on the 22nd)
Round 2: 26/27th April
Round 3: 21/22nd June
Round 4: 2/3rd August
Round 5: 13/14th September

From next week we'll start to release info for next season. Let's just say the work has started again down at the CPPS in prep for 2014

Bookings for next year will be taken officially from the start of December when we release our full series info. However, if you'd like to register your interest prior to that in order to give us a better idea of numbers and divisions, then please email us at: admin@okpb.co.uk

N.B. We are closed tomorrow for ground works.


New Member
Jan 15, 2014
Hi guys I need help I have a team together! Yaaaaaay just wondering how we can enter are team to play sup air please can you guys help thanks matt