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CPPS 2016

Stuart Game

Aug 9, 2014
Well what a cracking season and another brilliant effort from ainsley and the gang thanks for making uk paintball what it is today what did u guys think of this year's cpps


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Jun 14, 2011
Ainsley and the gang have worked ceaselessly on several fields ,mainly the Div 1 field that was literally destroyed in the first leg and had no grass,top surface whatsoever in all key parts.They have got it back to it's usual high standard.In Elite ,several new faces have rocked up with varying degrees of success .The level of application of Div1 teams to come up has rewarded some but proved to be fatal to others.The standard has become much closer ,as more teams up their training budgets ,a large number of top level players have left or retired and the 12 team format has led to only 3 prelim games ,putting greater significance onto every point.While the growth of the Breakout end has shown improvement in the entry end .The elite standard is levelling ,but this is a downward move.
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