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CPPS is a go!

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
CPPS has announced how they are running the rest of the season (from August) on their FB page. Really happy about this.

From the FB page:-

This past couple of months you’ve all been incredibly patient and supportive. A special thank you to those teams who donated and gave up their deposits. Whilst we’re by no means out of the woods, we’d like to share with you our plan for the rest of the season and give you some dates to focus on. This is obviously permitting and following all government guidelines.
We hope that training in some fashion may resume in July, but we feel that our big events might not be able to return until next season. Therefore, we have decided to spread out divisions out on single event days over a 4-weekend period, then repeat. For example, Breakout would commence on a Saturday, D5 would be on the next day. The following weekend we would welcome D4 and D3 respectively and so on. We will be monitoring players in divisions to limit sandbagging and asking teams to present rosters. Whilst we’ll allow a degree of flexibility, we will devise a system to stop higher level players boosting teams in lower divisions. More on this to follow.
When it comes to the Elite weekend, as we also have teams flying in, this would occupy the space of one full weekend, to allow those teams to train on the Saturday before competing on the Sunday. Guidelines permitting, we can also run training on the bottom field(s) using different staging areas during these weekends.
The benefit of this system is that it allows us to run 3 events from August to November and each division would play on the Astro field. Elite would have its usual webcast, but in addition to this, we can also set up a single overhead camera for each division, and maybe, even some commentary for those divisions also. If required, we can set up more staging and have the 4 teams playing in race format divisions enter the pits for their games only.
We ask that our teams communicate DIRECTLY with us over this next week with any questions or issues they have about this potential new structure by email ONLY: admin@okpb.co.uk
Nothing about this season is ideal, and we’d like to give our teams the best chance and opportunity of playing some great paintball.
We will release info about paint/vendors in the next few days.
The dates for divisions will be:
Breakout Division:
Round 1: August 8th
Round 2: September 5th
Round 3: October 3rd
Division 5:
Round 1: August 9th
Round 2: September 6th
Round 3: October 4th
Division 4:
Round 1: August 15th
Round 2: September 12th
Round 3: October 17th
Division 3:
Round 1: August 16th
Round 2: September 13th
Round 3: October 18th
Division 2:
Round 1: August 22nd
Round 2: September 19th
Round 3: October 24th
Division 1:
Round 1: August 23rd
Round 2: September 20th
Round 3: October 25th
Elite Division:
Round 1: August 29/30th
Round 2: September 26/27th
Round 3: October 31st/November 1st
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