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CPPS round 3


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Jun 2, 2012
Ainsley and Dylan and all of the CPPS crew, you guys rock, you are putting the"great" back into British Paintball, "WE" Sad UK had a blast today. F@ck the weather we're British, as Billy Connolly once said "There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes". YOU guys listen to your customers and make changes, you are setting the bar ever higher. So today Sad UK would like to thank mainly the marshalls on field 5, the teams we played, those that beat us(three of you) shame on you for bullying old men, those we beat 7 of you ( thanks for respecting your most obvious elders) Props to team Emerge in the top 4, in only their 2nd tourny keep the faith, 4th is pretty dam cool. SAD finished 4th in group and 5th overall not bad when average age is 42, (shh son). To my friends and team mates, too long apart, why did we quit, and thanks for a great day, 5th is not too shabby for a bunch of fat old guys, (if it wasn't for Jake my son and Sam, Dale of UK Jaguars fame son, our average age would be 42. Nice to see Gaz at the event at 62 possibly the oldest baller on the circuit.
At the end of the day we finished 5th overall in div 5, played 10 won 7 - you can teach old SAD dogs new tricks, ramping is cool, good paint is a blessing, (thanks James and Barry from Celtic) ok Charlie shot Evil which was pretty cool too. But team-mates are priceless, today was mint, thanks Charlie, Rob, Martin, Sam, and my son Jake. we so nearly brought the house down.
Two Crono stations please, and need to think about how to feed lots of hungry players efficiently, food was nice, but looong queues.
Other UK organisers need to follow your lead, and together drive UK paintball to the top of the sport we all love.
Roll on round 4.

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Apr 28, 2013
I would like to start by saying i couldnt agree with Blakey more! He hit the nail on the head!!!
Cpps just keeps getting better and better, the quality of the games and fields keeps getting better,
Shame the weather keeps destroying them, hope we get some nice sun next round! I think its great that Ainsley keeps getting each round sponsored by all the big names in paintball and there are prizes to be won.
The refs have been great to, people can give them a hard time, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes! But i think over all the do a damn good job.
Like Blakey said, the mega queue for food was a bitch, but got some in the end.

Really good to see all the trade stands there aswell, supporting the event and offering tech support
for players.

Anyway me and the lads had a great day yesterday and are just gutted we have to wait for the next round.

Thanks from all the lads at warped! :)
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Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday - hope you were as moist as I was.


Team Proteus Founder & UKPSF Member #5993
May 13, 2013
first tournament, had a great day even tho a few times i didnt have a clue what was going on.

Did come home a little moist!


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Nov 4, 2009
Glasgow, Scotland
overall pleased with the way the event ran. Mud started to get a bit out of hand but considering the rubbish weather that there has been i suppose its not as bad as it could have been so big thanks to the work put in to the grounds. although we didn't need to stand in it personally, i noticed that the water at the bottom of the pits was a bit out of hand, leaving some tables abandoned. scheduling was okay, although after standing about in the mud and rain for over 7 hours our team took the collective decision to pack up and head home and miss our playoff game. It's a really long day and the wait is bearable when the weather is on your side but to stand about soaked for that length of time was a bit excessive, especially for me and the guys in my car, we didn't get home until after midnight after being up at 7am that morning.
was a bit surprised that after moving div2 over to the dye field in order to speed things up, the celtic field was getting cleaned down and packed away when that could have been used to speed up the day.

The reffing appeared to be overall done to a high standard however i noticed a couple of issues with refs not knowing the rules. in the same game i seen a player get shot in the back to then spin and shoot the first player and the ref called this a trade and eliminated both players. however on the other side, i seen one player run the other down in the snake and as he came over the top of him they both shot each other yet the ref decided to wipe down one player and eliminate the other. Think it needs to be clarified with all refs what should be done in this situation.
on my own team (on the same field) our player called for a paint check and before the ref made a call, was ran down and so shot back at the player. with both players hit they both walked off the field signalling their elimination but the ref grabbed the other player and wiped him down and put him back in the game, saying that our player was hit when he asked for the paint check. If the other player had stayed on the field and not signalled his elimination then i agree this would be the correct decision but it is my understanding (and also the head ref of that field) that you cannot put a player back in once he has signalled he is eliminated and left the field.

basically the referees need to know the rules a bit better as this is 2 events in a row that we've had issues with referees not knowing the rules. I'm the first to appreciate that making split decision calls can go either way but this shouldn't be dictated by a referees knowledge of the rules.

catering was awesome and was glad to get some hot food to warm us up at lunch time although the queue was pretty mad! maybe staggering the lunch breaks so its one field at a time might be a better idea?

Gaz #68

Warped #68
May 14, 2010
Another great day and although the weather was crap the event certainly wasn't. I know this is a re-occurring theme from the posts above but I also know the guys at CPPS take notice of feedback so I would also like to repeat that the queue time for food is a bit of a mare. Keep up the good work guys it is appreciated.


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Sep 6, 2012
Awesome day. Really enjoyed it. Obviously weather is unavoidable. The only thing I had a problem with was game times. I didn't play CPPS last year but I heard that some teams played morning and some played afternoons, personally I feel this is a better way to do it because yesterday at one point there was a 2 and a half hour wait between two games. After being up since 4am, all I could do was sit around and that was a problem because i got very stiff and found that i couldn't play to my fullest ability next game because i was hurting.
Regardless, when we were playing it was a lot of fun and really enjoyed it!


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Mar 18, 2013
i agree with everyone! wicked day ( though i wasnt playing ) had a good time! and the weather? i know someone who made the most of that, this kido states that " the only reason i got into paintball was for stickers!" so he goes and grabs some celtic paintball ones, and nicks the paint bags out of the G.I Sportz imperal bags!



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Sep 17, 2012
day was great well organised, great set up, but did anyone actually get an accurate chrono reading? i found them all to be broken lol!?
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Oct 10, 2012
I also had a problem with the cronos as it was all over the place. Besides the weather it was my only complaint of the day. Good job to the organisers