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Cracking Site

Monkey Boy

Well-Known Member
Apr 8, 2013
Fellas as a Newbie here I just have to say I think the site is cracking.
Plenty going on and well looked after.
My initial focus was kit to buy which I suggest 9 out of 10 new members (without a friend affiliated) would admit is their initial draw as well.
Having looked around the site and posted in topics and read the threads it has been great to see guys & girls here for the love of the sport wether it be tourney or rec / mil sim.
The fact that the classifieds are exactly that until you have interacted with the forumn for a certain amount of posts as well is also welcome.
Infact I liked it so much even after I am able to purchase and sell kit only then did I pay for the platinum membership as I thought getting this earlier would feel like I had circumvented the whole purpose of the thread count.
Just as final say fellas great job thanks for the site.
And don't forget you are being watched the mods DO their job well ;)