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Date Change for last event this year

John Sosta

Active Member
Jun 14, 2010
The Date of the last event this year has been moved to 23rd OCT .
This has been for several reasons and will allow for more teams to attend to make the last event of the year the biggest so far .

The event will be using the 7 man , 4 on-field 3 in the pits F3 format. ( F3 stands for 3 in the pits )

Please book in with me in advance to allow organization and divisions to be displayed early.

Thanks everyone for the support we will try to make the last event the best so far.
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Reactions: Bolter


Platinum Member
Oct 4, 2005
We are Johns team Stuart, his roly poly skills are too deadly for us so we never play him :p
It is true my skills are legendary, as Bolter knows only too well :p

If there are a few others that want to guest, I might well get a team together. Or I will hide behind Bolter....... I mean bravely back him up