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Decent youtube technical videos

because in the big sp vs dye vs wdp lawsuit wdp got the rights to re-flash boards via pc and such, so SP glue'd their boards up, but it got overturned and SP don't glue their boards up anymore. .. :p

now gimmie them 10 points bitch :p :D :rolleyes:
Actually WDP had that patent for about 5 years, before smart parts started suing people.

The patent covers alot more than just a reprogrammable chip interface, but strangely Smart Parts only took action to avoid infringing the patent in areas that would also make them money.

So really, the crazy youtube guys opinion is valid.... and I demand at least two of your 10 points (or Ill sue ;) )...

The only reason I can possibly think of, why WDPs patent was invalidated, and smart parts' retarded joke of a patent was not, is because WDP are a British Company and smart parts are a us company.


Dec 3, 2007
Apparently when he hits 10,000 subscribers he's going to buy every top-end marker and review them. I say we should try to make it happen quickly so he bankrupts himself. Not that I particularly want to become part of his "army" against The Man, but I want to see someone spend $10,000 on markers they don't need.


Mr Fantastico
May 20, 2006
Stealing Al's PC parts
Don't worry John, Al has no points, he will never get points. You can have all the points, mine was just a quick basic (albeit lacking info, just what I got from SP and Ydna) rundown, giving the jist of the matter.


Platinum Member
That guy, has issues.

Granted, he has a point and Smart Parts do indeed "Blow Goats", when it comes to their business practices (albeit, that has made them lots of money).

However, in a country where getting real guns, is very easy, I could see him walking in to SP and blowing them away.

Going Postal, is the American way you know:D


Platinum Member
Says Britain's most heavily armed telecoms Engineer :eek:
Well quite. However, I am mentally stable. I have a Certificate to prove it.
In fact I have two, both signed by the Chief of Police.

Besides, I am far too subtle and skillfull to march into a place and start knocking people off.

I would much prefer to "reach out and touch someone" from a healthy distance away.
It gives them a chance...not a good chance, but a chance.
I'm sporting like that:D