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Details about the new UK Paintball Sport Federation (UKPSF) committee 2014

Aug 6, 2012
A statement from the UKPSF committee meeting on the 28th April 2014 Rodbaston Hall.

"I’m delighted to say that yesterday’s meeting looking at the future direction of the UK Paintball Sports Federation was really positive and constructive. More details will follow later but I know many want to hear something of what happened.
Firstly it was great that we had people from all aspects of the sport – players, site operators, the trade, event organisers – playing a full part in the discussions.

A few themes emerged that were supported by everyone present, and they will hopefully set us on the right path. Amongst the themes were the Federation has to be inclusive and represent all aspects of our sport;
boosting membership numbers is vital – especially if we aspire to formal recognition as a sport;
increasing membership means creating real benefits for all involved - players, sites operators, trade and event organisers;
all aspects of the sport have to be involved and represented on the sport’s governing body and in its work;
the scale of what needs to be done means the workload has to be shared.

The meeting agreed a governing body was needed with officers and sub-committees to develop and undertake the work of the Federation. In addition to a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer, the chairs of sub-committee will be members of the governing body. The sub-committees agreed yesterday are: Players, Sites, Trade, Sport Recognition, and Standards (quality, training etc issues).
Those present yesterday were nominated or volunteered to join sub-committees and into the other officer roles. I’ll get list of names out shortly.

A real wealth of experience and expertise – both paintball and from other walks of life – was around the table yesterday but more support will be needed so get in touch if you would like to help.

Good ideas for the roles and tasks for the officers and sub-committees were put forward. The next step is to put flesh on those bones and bring proposals, (including how they might be achieved and timescales) to the full governing body. As the ideas emerge they’ll be publicised so everyone knows what’s proposed.

All the roles are “Acting” until the next UKPSF AGM, when officers can be elected, but the meeting felt it was important to get people into the roles and on with the work, rather than wait for an AGM to kick things off.

Please remember these are the first steps towards developing the UKPSF: we haven’t got all the answers (or the questions!), and it will take time to put more flesh on the bones..

Finally, my name will not feature on the governing body’s list of acting members. That’s because after many years as UKPSF chair, I have decided to stand down and, despite the meetings best efforts, I’m not changing my mind. I won’t disappear and will help smooth the move to the new structure over the course of the next few months."


Aug 6, 2012
I thought it would be good to post this statement that was posted a while back on the UKPSF website and Facebook page, there is also new documents being re-writted and updates which can be added to this thread as a bit of a resource for those that are interested in the UKPSF.
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