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Difference between airsoft and paintball


Nov 27, 2006
I also want to know the difference between airsoft and paintball?
Basically they are both about shooting each other for fun.

Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic BBs, and began due to gun laws in Asia
(The first airsoft guns were model kits that fired plastic pellets shaped like airgun pellets)

Paintball guns shoot gelatine balls with a non toxic, washable liquid fill. The most common calibre is 0.68” but different calibers such as 0.43” and 0.5” also exist

Both airsoft and paintball have a mix of styles available, playing in the woods, indoors, recreational and competitive styles and events for all of them

People often say that airsoft is more realistic due to the calibre being more suitable to ‘real gun’ sizes and that airsofters tend to dress up in a cosplay style.
But it’s not so realistic when WW1 Tommy is alongside a WW2 SS trooper up against a cowboy with an AK47 and a rental school boy in jeans and hoody with a bright 2 tone M4

We have ‘realistic’ play in paintball with MagFed, and we had players doing proper MilSim prior to the arrival of magfed guns and growth of airsoft.

In paintball we typically have:
Weekend recreational paintball (Rentals)
Monthly own gunner walkons
Big game events
Scenario (themed) events
Speedball competitions
And mixes of all of the above

Airsoft tends to have:
Weekend / evening recreational airsoft
(These tend to be the equivalent of paintball walkons, with rentals thrown in unless they have a big enough exclusive group)
Big game events
‘MilSim’ events which look like paintball scenarios
Speedsoft competitions
And mixes of the above
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