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Divisions for Round Two


Lady Organ Grinder
here we go....here we go....back to sunny Uttoxeter....well it best be according to the weather forecast...

It has been a strange start to the New Year, the first event being postponed due to the condition of the venue...then round two running just two weeks after round one.....well ladies and gentle folks i am positive that the remainder of the series will get better....

HPac will be there supplying good clean safe air fills.

Kimmy aka Mr Roy Cropper will be there also with his catering van supplying us all much needed breakfast baps and hot drinks...

There will be an array of trade stands for you all to purchase your paintball goodies ...

The field layout has been tried and i'm pretty sure you are going to love it....but i am sure you will let me know.

So just the divisions:

Race to 2 - Division One - games will start at 9.00am and the Captains meeting will be at your dedicated staging area at 8.30am with the Field Ultimate.

UK Masters 5 Man

Division One - first game is 9.00am and captains meeting is on field at 8.30am

UK Hitmen

OTP Chaos

Asylum Loonatics

Phoenix 5


Jokers 2

North West Assassins

Laysick Eagles 2

Division Two - games start at 12.30 and your Captains meeting will be on field at 12 noon

Dog Soldiers

Alpha One



BZ Army 2


To everyone that is planning to camp...please stay warm....and i really am looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning bright and early..