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Dm 9 london tigers rare plus offer bits offers


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Apr 24, 2008
hi all iam selling some kit as iam in need of the cash i keep this back as i was coming back in to the sport but never got round to it ive not been on for a while some people will still know me and can vouch for me but i have no idea on prices or anything so will put price on It here goes thanks
Events 30 posted-now 25
Smoked events leans scratched a little bit but nowt relay £10posted now 8
Proto spares kit 12posted now 10
Walkie talke £10posted now 8
Barrel sox £3posted dye one is soLd
Bottle protecter £7 posted now 6
Proto pots £10 posted now 12
Gun stand £10posted
Pull thoughs speed feed visor £5posted
Barrel a/c therd 20 inch £13posted now 12
Spongers £2 posted
London tigers dm9 all working brill not problems that am aware of did have the tado bord in but takein out and put oher bord in £180 now 150
Tado bord was in dm 9 dont know if it fits any thing else £25posted now 20 sold thank you
Dye spares kit £20 posted now 18
Marker bag holds 2 makers £25posted now 22
Kit bag £40dont know how to post this as its going to cost a bit so would pefer pick up or meet
Bits and bobs on the last pic £5 posted airport and dye lube gone thank you


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